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Maternity. Travel. Weight Changes. HipKnoTies® is the solution!

One of the issues that women face on a daily basis is making the tough choice of what to wear? We desire to dress up to look good and stylish and we wish to feel comfortable at the same time. This demands a lot of hassle as one needs to find a stylish garment that is comfortable to wear yet looks great.

Well, worry no more as HipKnoTies has taken care of all your fashion needs.

Created by Sarah Levenson, former Director of Sales for Michael Kors, HipKnoTies ® is an innovative, multi way, convertible garment easily styled 30 ways to flatter your figure and lifestyle.   

Ideal for maternity, weight fluctuation, travel, weddings and more, HipKnoTies® is a must-have in your wardrobe. 

Made in the USA, of a super soft rayon jersey and spandex, HipKnoTies drapes the body like no other convertible dress. Unlike other multi way dresses that can only be worn to special events, you can wear a HipKnoTies to any occasion, from the office to the beach, to a cocktail party, even to sleep!

As seen on QVC, The Today Show, Wendy Williams and voted must-have travel garment by US Airways magazine, HipKnoTies is revolutionizing women's wardrobes.


Why is Hipknoties Best?

Some of the reasons why HipKnoTies has gained so much popularity within a very small span of time are because of the versatility in its design and the wide range of colors and sizes that it is available in. It is extremely budget-friendly and affordable and is popular amongst people from all over the world. It is liked by women of all age groups and all sorts of body types. We provide highly comprehensive and easily understandable tutorials on how to style the fabric in different styles and to suit different occasions. You can look professional or even highly fashionable depending upon the way your Hipknoties is styled. 

One of the things that make HipKnoTies stand out is its diverse use. All you need to style it as per your desire is a HipKnoTies and a wild imagination. You can look great and stylish in a matter of minutes without any compromise on your comfort.

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About Sarah Levenson and her HIP background

HipKnoTies was founded by Sarah Levenson, who has an extensive experience while working for Michael Kors on the post of Director of Sales. The goal while creating HipKnoTies was to introduce an all-rounder dressing solution that is comfortable, affordable and can be styled in diverse ways to suit the need of the occasion. It can be used for everyday wear, styled for parties and gatherings, worn to office as well as outdoors and can even be used as sleepwear. One of the amazing things about HipKnoTies is that it is also space efficient as you can style HipKnoTies in 30 different ways so you don’t always have to carry a lot of luggage while traveling. On top of all of this, a bonus point is that you will never let go of Hipknoties as it is not affected by your weight change.

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