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Holiday HIP Tips

Posted on December 17 2013

As much joy as the holidays bring, they often mean a whole lot of stress. And whether the season has you trekking back to the ol' homestead, hosting soirees, or simply bringing old friends and family together, the holidays have the unique ability to drive even the calmest person to insanity. Before your pull your hair out, check these 8 holiday hacks to help you stay sane through the drudgery and start your holidays off right. We’re talking time-saving gift wrapping ideas, storing wrapping paper, and even making a tasty holiday breakfast…

1. The nicer icer

  1. When the cookies are baked and ready for frosting, it can be a pretty messy job.  And no matter how hard you try, they still look like they were frosted by a 4 year old. 

  2. You can win this challenge by pouring your frosting into a few different condiment containers. 

  3. Screw the caps on tight, and now you've got a much nicer cookie icer. 

  4. This will give you so much decorating precision, that your imagination is the only limitation. 

  5. There's no sugary mess to clean up, and if you press the cap back on, your frosting will stay good for days.

2. Champagne wishes

Turn champagne into a festive cocktail by adding cotton candy first, and then pouring champagne and Perrier over it.

3. Scent-sational

  1. Your Christmas tree may be fake, but you can still enjoy the scent of a fresh cut tree. 

  2. Just take the air filter from your furnace, and pick up a bottle, of pine essential oil. 

  3. And remember that a little goes a long way. 

  4. Now add 10-20 drops on the backside of the filter, then place it back into position. 

  5. Open up your air register, then sit back, and enjoy the fresh piney aroma…. Or

Make your home smell like the holidays by simmering vanilla, lemon, and rosemary on the stove.

4. Fuss-free flapjacks

Fill an old, cleaned out ketchup or squeeze bottle with pancake batter for perfect pancakes: Grab an old ketchup or condiment bottle, clean it out really well, and fill it with pancake batter. Then flip it over and you can pour perfectly round, even pancakes with no drips. Fancy it up by using holiday-themed cookie cutters for Christmas tree pancakes, or make your own!

5. Posh pancakes

  1. To make a fun and festive breakfast, start by pouring your pancake mix into a cleaned out condiment bottle. 

  2. Now dip some large metal cookie cutters, into a small tray of cooking oil, and set it on a pre-greased and pre-heated cooking pan. 

  3. Now just pour in some pancake batter and give it a minute to cook. 

  4. When the batter is firm, go ahead and remove the cookie cutter with a clean pair of pliers, and your pancake will hold its shape. 

  5. Now just finish them up in the usual way, then make a whole bunch more.

  6. Add some butter and a drizzle of maple syrup, and you've got a festive and impressive, holiday breakfast

6. Baby’s got books!

Turn your mess into the ultimate holiday statement! Got a pile of books and nowhere to put them? Save a tree and transform that pile into the perfect Christmas centerpiece!  


7. Culinary delights

Skip the food labels and let your delicious morsels speak for themselves with a chalkboard serving platter! 

8. Home for the Holidays

If you're traveling over the holiday to be with family, you're going to be facing double the travel stress of a normal weekend—from packing to staying on schedule and paying for the trip. Save time (and your sanity) by packing the whole family carry-on luggage only and don’t forget your Hipknoties!

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