HipKnoTies is NOT just for Travel

Posted on February 08 2016

When I created HipKnoTies over 4 years ago, it was to solve a problem for me. To simplify my packing and avoid having to check luggage when I travel. 

As the product, company and customer base have grown and evolved, I am continually inspired when I hear from customers from around the world who share their reasons for getting "hip". 

This past weekend, I received a message from the husband of a customer. She recently had under gone surgery on her rotator cuff, and this is what he wrote,

"My wife Jody just had surgery for a torn rotator cuff, and her Hipknoties has been a blessing! With her arm in in a huge abduction sling and pad contraption for the next six weeks, being able to slip something on from her feet and up over her chest has been a godsend. She is also able to use it as a nightgown. Thank you HipKnoTies."

It was then that I really truly realized how a simple piece of fabric can have so much impact and help to make women feel better, even at their worst. As a result, I went back into my emails to find other messages I have received from women who have found comfort from their HipKnoTies when they may not have been feeling their best. 

"I also want to express my appreciation and excitement for your creation of this product. You see, I have MS and the infusion treatments make my weight fluctuate between 115 to 140 pounds. It has been extremely depressing and increasingly difficult on a financial level to afford all of the different sizes I need in my closet."

"I have LOVED HipKnoTies for over 3 years! I am a 53 year, old plus sized, single mom who had bilateral breast cancer and radical surgery 5 years ago. I have always been self conscious and uncomfortable inside my own skin. Finding clothing that works for my body and that is soft and comfortable after my double mastectomy was not easy until I found HipKnoTies! Sarah has helped me understand beauty is personal and has no rules."

I am forever grateful that I have created something that can have so much impact on one's life.

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