Our Queen for the Day

Posted on October 26 2015

Over the last four years since the conception of HipKnoTies I have learned more than I could have imagined. 

However, last Thursday was by far the most magical and humbling experience for me and taught me one of the most valuable lessons in life.

To quote my husband, Brad, "A small act of kindness- and a well planned surprise- can create memories for a lifetime. 

Social media as you all know allows the world to become smaller and allows us to share with family and friends near and far.

A very special lady named Jeanette caught my eye over one year ago on our Facebook page. Whether it was a result of her being the first "like" or her thoughtful comments on a post or the "selfies" she shared with the page, proudly wearing her HipKnoTies and feeling "adorable", she stood out.

Jeanette simply embodied everything we has ever wanted for the brand and for the community formed around the brand. Then, when we decided we wanted to give back and create our surprise, it all seemed to be confirmed when we met her husband, Steve. It all appeared to be happening for reasons beyond our original plan. What we had planned on, as a simple day of fun and surprises, became so much more.


When you live your life the right way, and you work hard to put good out there in the world - selflessly and for all the right reasons, you are bound to receive back when you least expect it. We were so overwhelmed to have been small instruments in that.Jeanette has so much style, class and charisma and we just had the best time ever!


I even had her make some videos of her favorite HipKnoTies ways- you can see them for yourself right here!

Thank you to each of you for being the best supporters of{store_name}.

I am forever grateful to you all.

Special thanks go out to my husband, Brad, Jeanette's husband, Steve, Joey Plewa, Scott Condit, Jen Wilbur Blue Stitch Photography, Eric Jimenez, Camp Crocker, and our family and friends!

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