A picture is worth 1000 words....

Posted on October 29 2015

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. These photos will leave you speechless.

Here is our sweet HipKnoTies story told in photos from last week when we surprised Jeanette thanks to the help of her husband, Steve. Little did he know, that he too was in for a surprise! 

Jeanette just caught my eye online, which turned into mild “stalking” (a good kind!) over months.  Jeanette simply embodied everything we have ever wanted for the brand and for the community formed around the brand.  

Then, when we decided we wanted to give back and create our surprise, it all seemed to be confirmed when we met her husband, Steve.  And then, of course, when we got to more about their family as well as the difficult circumstances of the past year… it all appeared to be happening for reasons beyond our original plan.

Our focus was on seeing Jeanette’s reaction, which was phenomenal.  But, as we witnessed Steve's reaction - of joy, love, awe, - in seeing his wife’s happiness and the power of her emotions, I knew we were witnessing something that can only occur if there is honest, genuine, selfless love between two people.  That, too, was something to behold.

I am not sure that I will ever be able to truly convey the magic that we all shared together on that special day.

And I think it will be safe to assume that Jeanette will be bringing HipKnoTies with her when they go on their Disney Cruise next year!

Thank you to Jen Wilber from Blue Stitch Photography for capturing the day so beautifully.



Thank you for taking the time to read my story :-).


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