To Turban or Turband... that is the Question!

Posted on August 20 2015

There is definitely something about this retro-inspired look that we are seriously coveting... it might be that it allows us one more hair-washing free day or that it adds an element of glam to any casual or dressy ensemble. Either way, scoring this look with a hipKNOTies is ridiculously simple, so here is a mini step-by-step for those of you who want to give this trend a try... (and P.S. if you do give this topper a whirl make sure to post a pic on our Facebook page so that we can ogle your gorgeous mug!)

Step 1: Start with a short hipKNOTies (in square form) and then fold your hipKNOTies into a triangle

Step 2: Place the end of the triangle so it's facing your forehead and you have a corner in each hand.

Step 3: Pull the ends (you have in each hand) across one another in the middle of your forehead twice, then bring them to the back of your head and knot them securely! Et voila!

And for your viewing pleasure... here are a few more turban and turband looks straight from the runway!
In a nutshell: Whether you’re having a bad hair day, or you want to make a statement, turbans are the new go-to head accessory for the fashion forward. Channel iconic celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy circa the 1970′s... We dare you to try this classic comeback!

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