Travel in Style!

Posted on January 21 2013

Regardless of whether you're traveling by land, air, or sea, leaving one place for another is an experience — literally. And no matter where you're headed, your trip starts from the moment you leave your lovely abode… so, why are you wearing your PJ's at the airport, girl? You may not remember, but there actually was a time when flying was a see-and-be-seen event worthy of festooning yourself in your finest duds. And why not? It certainly makes your adventure feel all the more special; unlike how those scrubby sweats will make you feel. Your traveling outfit should be as put-together as what you're going to be wearing on your trip, think if it like fashion foreshadowing! No need to sacrifice comfort, though — Hipknoties to the rescue! It's the one essential traveling pieces that is as cozy as it is stylish (and will save you loads of room in your suitcase). Now, put down those Uggs and step away from the velour: We've put together Hipknoties' guide to high-style travel that you'd be wise to commit to memory (or at least take a screen shot of for your next foray away from home).

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