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Top 3 HIP tips: Surviving the TSA

Sarah Yonover

Posted on April 04 2018

Top 3 HIP tips: Surviving the TSA

We at Hipknoties have a new mantra: Never check luggage again.

With crazy airline fees, the hassle of baggage claim and lost luggage, and not to mention the fact that hauling around a massive suitcase just isn't chic, being able to carry-on luggage is an ABSOLUTE must!  And just as Hipknoties does for your wardrobe, it will also make traveling a whole heck of a lot easier. And before you say it, we already know... The only issue with not checking luggage is the circus known as the TSA. What size liquids can I bring? Is a flat iron considered a weapon? Never fear jet-setting fashionista! Hipknoties is here to help you through the rigmarole with our top 3 tips to surviving the TSA:

1. Invest in the cheapie clear bottles. It can cost a small fortune to find our fave products in mini form, so eliminate stress and useless spending by using TSA-approved sized bottles, and fill them with your own products at home! You can buy these empty travel kits at most mass retailers for about $10, totally worth it!

2. Bring along a Hipknoties or 6. Clearly this one is a no brainer, it will keep you snug as a bug on the flight and then transform in a flash into a dress, top, poncho, skirt, scarf, beach cover-up, nightgown, etc. while you're away. Bonus: they fold up so small you could literally bring one in every color and length. Duh.

3. Ballet flats. Easy to slip on and off as you make your way through security, these footwear essentials can also easily be dressed up or down allowing you to bring less pairs of shoes and affording you more space for shopping! Sha-wing!

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