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Summer: The Bucket list

Sarah Yonover

Posted on July 06 2018

Summer: The Bucket list

What if each time a new season sprung we sat down and made a little list of must-do things to celebrate the change in weather? We think it's basically the most awesome thing you could do and when it comes to new trends, foods to eat, and adventures to try, we say the more the merrier! If nothing else it will keep your weekends busy and you'll have more then enough pics to fill your Instagram feed. So in the spirit of bucket lists, we've come up with a few ideas that are sure to inject a little spontaneity into your summer. Take a peek below and feel free to “borrow” any of these ideas for your own bucket list too…

Take a staycation.
Never taken a vacation in your own town? This is a MUST! Pack a bag (who cares if you forget something you can always run home), take advantage of all those summer specials and invite friends anf Something about being so close to home, no trains, planes, or helicopters necessary make the relaxation situation that much more yummy :)

Wear a bikini sans cover-up.
Even if it's just for one day, wear a bikini on the beach without a wrap or kaftan. Let go of your self-consciousness and enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with flaunting it in a tiny two-piece. Because trust us, nothing is more sexy than self-confidence!

Become a grill master.
Why let the boys have all the fun!? We are women, hear us roar, and watch us whip up a perfectly grilled chicken breast. It may take you a few tries but once you've got it down you can grill just about everything, and the best part about grilling? Tin foil = no dishes to clean. So take matters into your own hands and let us know how it goes…

Take a vacation—with only Hipknoties in tow.
These days, people are way too attached to their STUFF. Trust, we're guilty of it too. But why not take a pledge to vacay this summer sans suitcase after suitcase of stuff you're not even going to wear. If you've never traveled and just toted carry on luggage this is going to be a game changer for you. You will be literally and physically 50 lbs lighter

Go salsa dancing on a Saturday night.
This won’t exactly beat the heat (more like fire it up), but salsa dancing seems like the perfect summer evening activity. Research the closest salsa club and round up your best friends. Margaritas are a must. (We stole this from Lauren Conrad's Bucket List, sha-wing!)

Go on a hunt for the PERFECT hat.
For those of you who aren't traditionally "hat wearers" this may be a bit of a step outside of your comfort zone, but there is more than one reason the perfect topper should be on your must-buy list this season. For starters keeping your gorgeous mug out of the sun will save you a load of wrinkles and sunspots down the road, secondly, the perfect hat is IDEAL on bad hair days, and lastly, who doesn't need an excuse to buy cute new accessories!?  This summer, for us, it’s a bohemian floppy hat. They look cute when worn with a bikini or a blouse and white jeans. Go ahead girl, give it a shot!

Have a great Summer bucket list addition? Leave it in the comments below!

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