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Elevate Your Tailgate!

Posted on September 24 2016

Hot and humid or crisp and cool, fashionistas from all over are heading to the stadium in support of their favorite college football team every autumn... For those who bleed their school colors, tailgating is an sacred event that takes up an entire day and deserves it's own section in the closet. 

And that's where HipKnoTies come in! We know how tricky it can be to find cute apparel that's tailgating appropriate AND that you can get score a lot of mileage out of. So, rather than spending the season in a predictable tee, sigh, grab a Hipknoties (or three) in your must-wear colors! Not only will they take you from the warmer days to chilly nights, but you can actually wear them in the off-season, gasp! Rock them as a top, scarf, skirt, poncho, heck you can even make a tote out of it! Consider your game day style dilemma solved.

Best part... they are on SALE! So show some school spirit and get HIP!



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