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Transition Your Travel Wardrobe!

Posted on November 09 2016

Travel dress

So you're heading away... maybe it's for work, maybe it's for pleasure. And, as if planning your trip isn't stressful enough, you also have think about what you're going to wear while you're there! So to help you beat your packing blues, we've rounded up some key looks to consider while you're jetting around, and best of all... you can create all of them with just ONE GARMENT! Whether you're traveling by boat, train, plane or automobile, we've got some chic and practical suggestions for you -- just don't forget your Hipknoties multiway garment and some of our must-have travel items like, Number 4 Haircare, hipS-sister, Maggies, and more!


Traveling for work: Look effortlessly put together in meetings and then simply swap your bands for a sultry (but still appropriate) night out ensemb. Use a short Hipknoties as belt to define your waist (like in the first pic) then use that same short Hipknoties as a wrap or shawl at night!

Office dress

Romantic getaway: The key here is taking the same garment you use for sightseeing during the day and then amping up the sex factor at night! Knock 'em dead with the simple swap of a few Hipknoties bands and use the rest of the space you saved in your luggage for shoes and accessories!

sexy dress

Family Vacay: Feeling comfortable is key when traveling and Hipknoties convertible clothing accomplishes just that. Heck! You could even sleep in it at the end of the day! A simple skirt and scarf combo keeps you looking chic during the day and the addition of a metallic leather wrap and maybe a strappy sandal will have you looking like a rockstar at night. Layer your Hipknoties with our seamless foundation garments to get even more mileage out of your short, medium, and long length Hipknoties!  What other piece of clothing is so multi functional and versatile?

Little black dress

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