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Girls with Curves Love Hipknoties!

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Posted on July 06 2018

Girls with Curves Love Hipknoties!

Plus size hipknoties

If you follow any of my social media you already know just how obsessed I am with all of my Hipknoties pieces.  Seriously, what is more perfect than 1 garment that can be worn in over 30 ways!?!  My interest was sparked a little over 2 years ago when, I ran across the owner & designer, Sarah Yonovers, submission video, for the ever popular ABC show, Shark Tank.   In her video, she kept mentioning the product being one size fits all… one size fits all.  I quickly disregarded the rest of the presentation thinking, “rarely does one size fits all ever fit to include the plus size industry.”  At that time, I was a size 28, and left it at that.

After moving to Illinois,  I began building my wardrobe and for some reason, that dress just kept coming to mind but I could not for the life of me think of the designer or the name.  I turned to google.. google… google and nothing,  so as a last resort I posted something on Facebook, and it happened that a mutual friend was able to connect me with the designer… and well the rest is history.  She has truly found a customer and supporter for life.

I literally wear my HipKnoTies dress a minimum of 3x’s a week and rarely ever the same way.

Isn’t it just crazy cool how two pieces can create all of these fun looks!!!  :)

Through the relationship I’ve built with Yonover, I have been blessed with a tremendous opportunity to join HipKnoTies a Hip Ambassador, for the curvy community.  Bringing you all the trendiest ways I can come up with to rock your very own dress.

Here is a fun little video my sister and I did a few months ago spotlighting all the various options we came up with when our fun little package arrived.

Eliza Beerbower


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