Same Hipknoties, NEW WAY!

Posted on September 25 2013

After more than two years, we at Hipknoties HQ are still coming up with new ways to rock our favorite multi-way garment, and it's not just us, our fabulous fans are as well! Case in point, the newest look in the Hipknoties arsenal, "Mermaid's Way". This look was invented by a fan and friend of the Hipknoties posse, we call her Mermaid. Because, well, she looks like one.

It has to be said that Mermaid was one those " I can't 'do' Hipknoties, I'm not creative enough" types. And if you're nodding right now, you also may fall into that category. But, despite of her lack of belief in her own ability to dress herself ;) she managed to come up with one of the most versatile, easy-to-wear, and easy to create looks to date.

This look requires no bands (unless you want to take it another step further), which is perfect if you're like us, and your Hipknoties bands always seem to walk off... (Psst! You can always score more bands for free here)

So here's the recipe: Hipknoties + Bandeau Bra = Mermaid's Way


That's it. Simply step into your tube and then pull on your bandeau (or vice versa). Pull a lot of fabric through, or a little to create different looks; check out the snaps below to get more inspiration! And if you try this look for yourself make sure to post it to our Facebook wall!


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