Honor YOUR Curves!

Posted on September 27 2016

If you’re anything like us your weight fluctuates. A lot. Maybe you celebrated a little too much this week? Maybe you’re PMSing? Maybe you’re pregnant? Maybe you’re sick? Maybe you’re losing weight (you go, girl!)… Whatever the reason, it’s an undeniable truth that at some point in your life the thing you want to wear won’t fit, and then what? You play the blame/shame game, you just don’t go out that night, you feel like crap about yourself or the way you look or both? In our opinion, NONE of these are acceptable answers. Why is it that the whole fashion industry can feel a bit like a scene out of Mean Girls? We aren’t all a sample size! And even those of us who are have days where we just can find a single dang thing to wear!

Getting dressed should be a confidence boosting celebration! We should ALL feel inspired and excited to get dressed in the morning no matter our shape or size. There should never be a single day in your life where you feel crappy about yourself because of what you’re wearing. And that’s the honest truth. And coincidentally, that is the same thing that makes our garment truly one of a kind. In a world of vanity sizes, juniors sizing, plus sizing, petite sizing, contemporary sizing, blah blah blah. Isn’t’ it kind of a really cool thing that ONE GARMENT can replace all that confusing sizing? We sure think so!

So to the ladies who dread getting dressed, can find what to wear, hate trying on clothes, want out of the badly lit dressing room, and are sick of the same old pieces that don’t serve you, Hipknoties is for YOU. One Garment. Limitless possibilities. Imagine that….

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