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More than a dress..

Sarah Yonover

Posted on July 06 2018

More than a dress..

It’s no secret that wearing your Hipknoties as a dress is easy peasy and total wardrobe go-to, but your Hipknoties has SO much more to offer you, sartorially speaking.

And that brings us to our problem with most ‘convertible’ garments out there, bottom line is that that convertible dress that you bought with the weird Hannibal Lector strap things is STILL a dress, no matter how many different ways you can wear it (that is, IF you can figure out those random straps… and are they even straps?

Or are they just there to choke yourself with out of frustration when you can’t get them to work?). We digress. The point is that a ‘convertible’ garment should be CONVERTIBLE! Crazy. We know. It should convert into other things like a scarf! Or a skirt! Or a poncho! Or top! Or a vest! We could go on for days but sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

So with that we bring you all the ways a Hipknoties can transform, minus being a dress, because you’ve already nailed that look. You go, fashionista!

Multi Way convertible clothing

Convertible versatile clothing skirt

versatile fashion for travel

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