A Girl Should be Two Things: Classy & Fabulous

"I just love Coco Chanel fashion quotes as you may have noticed!  Every woman wants to look “classy & fabulous!”  What better way to do that than buying a new dress or 30 new dresses!  I discovered this really awesome brand called HipknoTies! This soft stretchy garment can be worn at least 30 different ways. You can take this from scarf to blouse to dress to skirt with using these super strong invisible bands.

The creator of HipknoTies is super sweet Sarah Yonover who created this multiway garment because she wanted versatility when she travel, but hated checking in luggage! I think all women when traveling would love to bring their whole closet when going on a trips. Me personally I always have a hard time packing because I never really like to wear the same thing over an over again. HipknoTies is now my new best friend that helps me achieve this! HipknoTies can be YOUR new best friend to! 

All my followers gets 15% off their purchases over $49 by using my code FFIERCE !! This post is featuring my midi length hipknoties in magenta color. I have another one which is a beautiful teal/purple ombre in maxi length that I will feature in Part 2 of “A Girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous!” My tall fashionistas definitely come back and check out part 2 because the maxi length is truly a long length!!

So I received my garment just in time for my trip to Italy! The material was so soft and light weight it fit in my carry on luggage with no problem. This was the best decision I made – to put it in my carry on. What happened to me that had not happened to me in 3 years was that the airlines lost our bags! Since I packed my HipknoTies in my carry on, I was able to continue on iwth the trip and still look fabulous! The picture below was one of the looks I wore it as – an off the shoulder blouse!

The hipknoties fabric is made of a rayon jersey blend, which I love because it gives is a sleek look and its stretchy!  This fabric definitely is not a dull cotton fabric, but it has a bit of a shine to it and looks even more fancy when you add accessories as you will see in the coming photos and video.  The key in making a wide range of looks & styles is the invisible bands to make “knots”! You get 5 bands with each purchase and the bands are so strong that they will never break! This is the same for the fabric. It is very strong and will not rip!

So are you ready to see how you can create this first look that I created? Check out the video below! This look only involves 2 knots/bands! For the sake of doing the video and avoiding having any “costume malfunctions” (*cough cough* Janet Jackson) LOL, I am wearing a tube dress underneath.

During my Amalfi coast adventures, I actually carried my hipknoties in my purse so I could have extra change of clothes. When you fold it, it can fit easily in your purse which was so convenient! We were pretty much away from the hotel the majority of the day and me being a blogger and not wanting to take pictures in the same clothes, I brought it along for versatility.
I wanted to have something nice to wear when having cocktails watching the beautiful sunset in Positano! It was absolutely perfect! 
For more how-to videos, you can check out the Hipknoties YouTube channel where you can also see the video when Hipknoties was on QVC! I absolutely love my Hipknoties and plan on buying more in other colors, which they have a vast color selection! 
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