HipKnoTies Convertible Dresses for Weddings!

"I have had nothing but great experiences with Hipknoties!
I am so happy I chose Hipknoties they were perfect for the EXTREME Heat of the Dominican Republic in August. My Husband is Dominican and to try to shop for his sisters while they were in the Dominican, my cousins from Canada, a suprise pregnancy that would be 5 months along at the time of the wedding and someone who hates dress shopping.... Well lets just say I knew I needed something that would be stylish, affordable, pregnancy friendly as well as something that everyone can use again. This was such an easy task with Hipknoties, I had already bought a few the year before and just knew I had to use them for my wedding. I am so glad that I did. It took away one of the many stresses that comes with planning a wedding and everyone was happy and comfortable. Plus of course everyone looked BEAUTIFUL in them."
One-size-fits all and style options that are limitless, they are the perfect option for your bridal party, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners and more!
Affordable, comfortable, and versatile, this is one bridesmaid dress that will not collect dust in the closet after the wedding!
Benefits of HipKnoTies:
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Versatile
  • One bridesmaid dress that WILL be worn after the wedding!