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HipKnoTies convertible dresses are the ideal maternity clothing option as it can be worn throughout the entire pregnancy. No need to go out and buy new maternity clothes at every stage of your pregnancy!

Save money, look fashionable and enjoy the versatility that HipKnoTies multi way clothing offers.

Benefits of HipKnoTies:

  • Can be worn throughout the pregnancy as your weight and body changes.
  • Fabulous to include in your hospital bag to keep you warm, comfortable and chic! Say goodbye to ugly hospital gowns!
  • Allows your nurses and doctors to examine you with ease, while still look fabulous when your visitors arrive to meet your new bundle of joy!
  • Nursing your baby? Cover up with a HipKnoTies for discreet breast feeding in public.
  • Swaddling your baby? Grab a HipKnoTies and wrap away!
  • Postpartum wardrobe struggles? No problem! Grab your HipKnoTies convertible dress! It always fits!


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