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Testimonials - Reviews of Hipknoties

Charidan said:

"You have no idea how much this simple garment has changed the way I feel about myself. I have gained a lot of weight over the past year after my wedding and all of the stress of life. With all of my clothes not fitting anymore, I was starting to feel pretty crappy. This fabric has built my self confidence again. And now as i get back on track to being healthy, they will always fit! And that's a great feeling."

Diana said:

"This is an amazing clothing item. I originally bought one to prepare for a cruise to Antarctica/South America -- it was a great item to help me through "formal" nights, as well as serve as a comfy infinity scarf, particularly for the airplane. And in the warmer South American climates, I wore it as a cute top, cute halter dress, swim cover-up, and poncho. 

I've also worn Hipknoties as a dress for work (I just wear a blazer or sweater with it), halter top, skirt, etc. The colors are wonderful. The videos help with how-tos, and the Facebook page has lots of inspiration and ideas. 

Warning: Hipknoties can be addictive. I just bought my 6th Hipknoties. :-) Five of them are midi length (which I find most flexible), and I just bought a maxi length for an upcoming Caribbean vacation (thought it would be fun to have the flexibility of a maxi dress) in a yummy color. 

Highly recommend! I like to travel with one carry-on bag, and this makes Hipknoties a no-brainer. Oh, and by the way, I think Hipknoties is empowering women -- this frees us from the fashion industry and what it thinks we should be wearing. 

I am fascinated by clothing that can do more than just one thing ... but I'm always disappointed. The item just really isn't that versatile ... but THIS ONE IS. 

And for anyone wondering ... yes, this item really can be worn by all sizes. Just look on YouTube and you can see lots of videos produced by plus-size women, showing how fab Hipknoties looks on all sizes. I recently saw photos of a wedding in which the bridesmaids all wore Hipknoties -- what a great idea! Looks great on everyone -- they could all choose their own way to wear it. Buy it, try it!"

Sonija said:

"The only regret I have about hipknoties is not ordering them sooner! The fabric is soft, it drapes just right as to not point out any trouble spots. The bands are super strong and have not let me down. I am a size 18/20 and I have so many options of how to wear this amazing piece of clothing. I bought a maxi and a mini and love them. The possibilities are endless! If I could have a wardrobe of just Hipknoties and blue jeans I don't think I would ever go clothing shopping again! This could be dress up or casual, it's all in how you choose to style it! Love love love it!"

Bella said:

"As a frequent traveller I'm always on the lookout for versatile clothing and hipknoties ticks all the boxes.  I was a little skeptical that they would be any good.  They look fantastic on the models but as a plus sized woman I wasn't sure they would be flattering on me.  They are. I often wear mine as a top or dress and constantly get complements when I'm wearing one.  I've recommended to several of my friends who couldn't believe I was wearing my own HipKnoTies creation.

I leave one in my handbag at all time.  Great as a scarf in my cold office and easy to throw on as a shrug if I want to dress up an outfit with no notice.  Or for a quick change for a night out straight from the office.

I would highly recommend.  Play around, have fun and create your own one of a kind outfit."

Sarah said:

"Just spent 17 days in Europe and wore Hipknoties most days. They travel well, dry quickly and get oodles of compliments! Barely had clothes in suitcase which left all sorts of room for Florence purses, Venice glass necklaces, Swiss chocolate and other assorted goodies."

Catherine said:

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my packages today. Thank you very much!  The way you reacted to my problem shows the kind of person and company you are. Congratulations for customer service."

Courtney said:

"I am so grateful to you for creating this amazing product, Sarah. I stumbled upon Hipknoties while doing an search for convertible garments to use on my month-long birthday trip to Europe. I originally ordered just one orange Midi, and fell in love! I've since bought three more. Not only have Hipknoties been a miracle for saving space in my luggage (I'm only bringing one carry-on bag for the whole trip), but I also never would have thought I'd wear them so much when I'm not traveling. They've become my go-to pieces for cocktail hour or nights out with friends. I didn't have many tops that would be appropriate for evening, but my Hipknoties are perfect. Plus, they allow me to instantly change my look according to my mood or the occasion. Thanks again for pouring so much hard work and ingenuity into making Hipknoties. It's fabulous!"

Sonora said:

"I just received my hipknoties and have to say this is going to become quite costly for me, as I am already addicted. And, I've only styled them three ways!" 

Laura said:

"I love my first one (a midi) so much that I had to have another! I ordered a long in "grass" and I can't wait for it to get here!"

Kristen said:

"Shout out to Sarah and her great customer service! Super quick responses to my questions before I put in my order as well when I goofed up and decided to change my order 5 minutes after processing everything. LOLThanks Sarah!"

Reem said:

"Woooo! I just received my midi ‪#‎hipknoties‬ and I'm in love!!!!By AldonaI am a brand new and happy Hipknoties customer- got my first two today! I ordered the eggplant mini and the magenta midi. The colors are absolutely gorgeous! Rich and vibrant, and the fabric is just as delicious. Can't wait to play!"

Tabitha said:

"Last week my hubby, 12-yr old daughter, and I went on a 7-day cruise to Mexico. I wore a pair of jeans and a tank when I boarded the ship.
I also packed a pair of shorts and 5 hipknoties in various lengths/colors.

My hubby remarked that he'd never known me to pack so lightly! My clothes and makeup/cosmetics all fit into 1 bag!

I was late getting into a couple of events onboard, because folks would stop me to ask about my hipknoties. I carried a spare midi in my bag, mainly using it as a wrap because I felt the a/c was too cold, so when someone asked about my top/dress, I simply pulled my spare out of my bag and showed them!  The cruise crew esp loved hipknoties because they were so versatile and took so little space.

The hipknoties were easy to wear, easy to clean, and were very comfy. A spritz of wrinkle remover made it easy to change my look before dinner, even though I didn't change my attire!

I am hooked!  I love hipknoties!  I was excited to get 2 more in the mail today from the spring collection!"

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