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An innovative, multi way, convertible garment easily styled 30 ways to flatter your figure and lifestyle.   

HipKnoTies® is committed to inspiring & celebrating women of all ages and sizes, by enhancing and simplifying their wardrobe experience with versatile, affordable and innovative garments & accessories, which compliment all women’s figures and lifestyles. 

30 styles in 1 garment that can FLATTER all women?  Yes, absolutely! 

Made of a super soft rayon jersey and spandex, HipKnoTies drapes the body like no other convertible dress. Unlike other multi way dresses that can only be worn to special events, you can wear a HipKnoTies to any occasion, from the office to the beach, to a cocktail party, even to sleep!

Looking for a new top? Maybe a wrap? Dress? Skirt?

You can have it ALL with HipKnoTies must-have versatile garment!  

Styling HipKnoTies is as easy as putting your hair up in a ponytail.  

It's the amazing clear bands that help to transform HipKnoTies to flatter YOUR style and curves.  

Never out of style and ALWAYS can dress Hipknoties up or or dress it down.  The choice is yours!

HipKnoTies is available in 3 lengths; MINI, MIDI and MAXI


The MINI measures 32" in length and can be worn as:

Scarf - Wrap - Shawl - Bolero - Nursing cover - Poncho - Vest - Top- Mini Dress- Skirt -Strapless - Halter - One Shoulder -Boat Neck - Children's Dress - Casual - Office - And much more!

 The MIDI measures 44" in length and can be worn as:

Scarf - Wrap - Shawl - Bolero - Poncho - Vest - Top- Dress- Skirt -Strapless - Halter - One Shoulder -Boat Neck - Sheath - Maxi Skirt - Casual - Office - And much more! 

The MAXI measures 60" in length can be worn as:

Halter Maxi - Strapless Maxi - One Shoulder Maxi - Wrap Skirt - Bubble Dress - Formal Gown - Bridesmaid Dress - Halter - Style Vest - Maxi Skirt - Boat Neck Long Dress - Full Length Cocktail Dress and so much more!

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