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Flexibility and versatility is what makes HipKnoTies multi way garments a must-have! 

And now, we are offering the same flexibility and versatility with our HIP Bundle Pack!

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"I love the versatility of the Hipknoties! I started with one, maxi, and immediately got compliments on it. The garment can truly be used many ways and the rubber bands are very durable. I purchased additional Hipknoties and can't wait to explore the ways I can wear them in the summer. I purchased mine late fall and they have helped keep me looking shnazzy and warm in the cool fall months and winter days. I'm a plus size gal, so comfort and appearance matter to me. I didn't want to look like "big girl in a small dress". I can attest Hipknoties makes me feel ladylike and pretty, while being confident and comfortable. Thank you Sarah Yonover for sharing your vision with ladies of all sized. The Hipknoties also has some very helpful "How To" videos that I continue to watch and learn from."

What is Hipknoties?
Hipknoties is One garment designed to be worn 30 different ways that can flatter all women. Stying Hipknoties is as easy as putting your hair up in a ponytail. It's the amazing clear bands that help to transform Hipknoties to flatter your style and curves no matter who you are. Hipknoties will never be out of style and will always fit no matter what! Dress hipknoties up or dress it down, The choice is yours!

Made in the U.S.A. from imported fabrics (95% Rayon 5% Spandex), HipKnoTies garments are truly a one-size-fits-all garment. 

Would Hipknoties be good for my lifestlye?
The Hipknoties lady is a busy mom, a career woman, a woman on the go, a fashionista, an expecting mother, occasionally fluctuating weight, wanting versatility, quality, and affordability. A women with different body types, style sensibilities and lifestyle.

What is the difference between the Mini, Midi and Maxi?
The difference in size is by lenghth not width. Hipknoties is USA made, patent pending using innovative and re-useable bands to style your Hipknoties up or down, tight or loose depending on your style and needs.

  • Mini 32" in length can be worn as: Scarf, wrap, shawl, bolero, nursing cover, poncho, vest, top, mini dress, skirt, strapless, halter, one shoulder, boat neck, children's, dress, casual, office and much more!
  • Midi 44" in length can be worn as: Scarf, wrap, shawl, bolero, poncho, vest, top, dress, skirt, strapless, halter, one shoulder, boat neck, sheath, maxi skirt, casual, office and much more!
  • Maxi 64" in length can be worn as: Halter maxi, strapless maxi, one shoulder maxi, wrap kirt, bubble dress, formal gown, bridesmaid dress, halter, style vest, maxi skirt, boat neck long dress, full length cocktail dress and so much more!




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